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Enjoy --off Snaregade Dining table and selected 6 dining chairs, including Co-Chair, Harbour Series and Afteroom Series in a range of upholstery and finishes, now thru April 30.
To unlock campaign discount, please contact us at 2147 1381 or email contact@houseforgoodies.com for more information.

本月精選 -- 購買 Snaregade 系列餐桌配以六張精選 Co-chair, Harbour 及 Afterroom 系列餐椅,各款餐椅配有大量飾面及顏色可選,優惠期至4月30日為止。如欲查詢更多詳請,請即致電 2147 1381 或電子郵件至 contact@houseforgoodies.com 與我們聯繫


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