MENU Bath Series

We think it's about time for us to expend the bath collection this year. MENU bath series will add a touch of minimalism and quiet sophistication to any bathroom space.
我們認為今年是時候擴展我們的浴室系列了。MENU 時尚的 Bath Series 將為浴室空間增添一絲簡約和寧靜的精緻

Toilet Brush, Pedal Bin 4L

Simplicity meets well-conceived design with MENU’s Pedal Bin, as its brushed steel lid opens and closes smoothly, all with a mere tap on the pedal. Meanwhile, the inner shell comes with an intelligently designed bag-lock that is also easily cleaned. Elevating the bathroom by becoming its focal point, this sleek Pedal Bin will add a touch of minimalism and quiet sophistication to any bathroom space.

樸素的設計與 MENU 的 Pedal Bin 相得益彰,拉絲鋼蓋打開和關閉時同樣順暢,只需輕輕踏腳板即可。同時,內殼配有智能設計的袋鎖,也易於清潔。以它作為焦點來提升浴室,這款時尚的 Pedal Bin 將為浴室空間增添一絲簡約和寧靜的精緻

(from the left) Pedal Bin 30L, 11L, 7L, 4L, 20L

“It’s an ugly job, but somebody’s gotta do it”. Norm Toilet Brush does it in a sleek, stylish and practical way. Stable on the floor or mounted on the wall. The polished steel handle provides a comfortable grip and the interior plastic holder can easily be taken out and cleaned. 「這是一項厭惡的工作,但有必須這樣做」Norm 馬桶刷 卻採用時尚和實用的方式來完成。穩定在地板上或安裝在牆上均可。拋光鋼製手柄提供舒適的抓握,內部塑料支架可以輕鬆取出和清潔

The most elegant solution we’ve seen for keeping soap, razors, and bath products of all kinds where you need them. 我們所見過的最優雅的解決方案,可以存放各種肥皂、剃須刀和沐浴產品Norm Shower Tray

The Toilet Roll Holder shares the Towel Bar’s visual identity, adding a geometric and sophisticated aesthetic to the bathroom space. The holder is shaped to make roll-changing a breeze and to ensure the roll doesn’t slip off。Norm 廁紙架 與毛巾桿的共享視覺形象,為浴室空間增添了幾何和精緻的美感。支架的形狀可以使更換廁紙變得輕而易舉 - 並確保捲筒不會滑落

The Towel Bar is designed in a simple and recognizable style, with a clean, geometric profile that now features angular edging for a more pronounced silhouette. 毛巾桿 採用簡單且特出的風格設計,具有乾淨的幾何形狀,採用棱角分明的邊緣,帶來更明顯的輪廓

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