PH House by Norm Architects

Norm Architects have restored and rebuilt a historic villa in Copenhagen after a devastating fire. The story goes that the house used to be inhabited by the renowned Danish architect, designer and cultural critic, Poul Henningsen. Today, a family of three resides in the historic house – a modern home that holds references to its original state – with beautiful high panels, parquet flooring, low, paned windows, teak furniture and – of course – retro PH lamps hanging over the kitchen island.

Norm Architects 為一座位於哥本哈根,經歷火災後、但歷史悠久的別墅進行重建並修復。這座房子原是著名丹麥建築師、設計師 Poul Henningsen 住所。今天,則是一個三人家庭住在這座歷史悠久的房子裡 - 一個現代化的房子,仍可以看到它原有的狀態 - 有著漂亮的鑲木地板,低矮的平面窗戶,柚木家具,當然還有復古的 PH 燈掛在廚房中

Plinth Podium, JWDA Metallic Lamp, Troll Vase

“The dark mid-century teak furniture and minimal marble plinths create beautiful contrasts, boasting a clean and subtle elegance against the plain, white walls and dark, inbuilt kitchen elements in sawcut smoaked oak.”
explained Norm Architects.

Norm Architects 說:「深色的中世紀柚木家具和簡約的大理石營造出美麗的對比,平坦的白色牆壁和暗沉的內置廚房組合中,採用鋸齒狀的橡木,乾淨而微妙、優雅」

Offset Sofa, Plinth Podium, Troll Vase

The building was so badly damaged by the fire that significant rebuilding was required, which offered an opportunity to expand the top floor to more than twice its original size.

The reconfigured property is better suited to modern family life, with open-plan living spaces and a simple, muted material palette providing a neutral backdrop for carefully chosen furniture.


Harbour Chair, with upholstery, black steel

"With a clean and minimal approach, the classic elements of the house have been restored and elegantly combined with contemporary details, making for timeless interiors and generally warm aesthetics," explained Norm Architects.

「採用整淨簡約的方法,房屋的經典元素經過修復,優雅地與現代細節互相結合,營造出永恆的設計和溫暖的美感」Norm Architects

Afteroom Stool, TR Bulb Table Lamp

The dark kitchen cabinets are complemented by bronzed-brass handles, while a central island wrapped in slabs of light-grey ceramic stone brings another texture to the space. | 深色廚櫃配有古銅色黃銅手柄,而中島則以淺灰色陶瓷石板包裹,為空間帶來另一種質感

Plinth Podium-tall, TR Bulb Table

A central staircase featuring open treads made from solid oak extends all the way through the building, from the basement to the upper storey. Skylights at the top of the stairwell allow natural light to filter down to the lower levels. | 中央樓梯是採用實心橡木製成的開放式踏板,一直延伸到建築物,從地下室到上層。樓梯頂部的天窗容許自然光滲透到屋內

Darkly Mirror, brass, medium

Brass taps in the kitchen and bathrooms introduce a warm and tactile element to the otherwise monochrome interior palette. | 廚房和浴室的黃銅水龍頭為單調色板帶來溫暖和觸感元素

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