Smart LED Idea

Lightweight yet strong in its construction, the Task Pendant emits directed, adaptable downward light via an elegant LED bulb. It is suspended from nearly invisible fishing wire, creating the illusion of hanging freely in mid-air. Both in its pared-down form and soft, pleasant light, it makes a statement without ever becoming obtrusive. This balance makes the Task Pendant an essential, welcome part of the décor above conference tables, bar areas, lobbies, lounges, counters, and other spaces enhanced by glare-free illumination designed for human movement and interaction.

結構輕巧而堅固,以優雅的 LED 發出定向、適應性的向下光線。它懸掛在幾乎看不見的幼線上,造成在半空中自由懸掛的錯覺。無論是簡約的形狀還是柔和舒適的光線,它都不會變得突兀。這種平衡使得 Task Pendant 成為會議桌、酒吧、大堂、休息室、櫃檯和其他空間的亮點,增強無眩光照明,專為人互動而設計

Task Pendant, Snaregade Bar Table, Afteroom Bar Chair Plus

Dimmable, with MENU Lighting App (iOS and Android)
可用 MENU 手機應用程序進行光度與色溫調整

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