The Audo - Copenhagen, Denmark

Even though it’s over 40 years old, MENU’s vision feels fresh and future-forward with its latest HQ move. The revamp takes it to Nordhaven, but this time, the public was invited to join. Understanding our blending worlds of work and life, MENU’s new HQ is a hybrid concept titled The Audo, consisting of boutique hotel, café, co-working space and concept store.

即使 MENU 有著 40 多年的歷史,但亦可透過它最新的總部而感到新鮮感及前瞻願景。同樣是 Nordhaven 港區,但這一次歡迎公眾參觀。現今世代混合工作與生活,MENU 新總部名為 The Audo 的混合概念,包括精品酒店、咖啡館、共享工作空間和概念店

▲ The lobby at The Audo includes Nick Ross Tearoom Club chairs upholstered in Dedar fabric, with Harbour Column Table and Circular Pendant | 大堂入口以 Nick Ross 設計的 Tearoom Club 椅子 點綴, 配以 Harbour 圓桌 以及 Circular 吊燈

Teaming up with Norm Architects, the 1918 building – a boathouse and Neo-Baroque residence - has been given a minimalistic makeover. Here, the Danish firm developed concrete flooring and walls and used warming brass accents to lift the industrial architecture. Meanwhile creative director Nathan Williams - from publication Kinfolk - was bought on board to ensure the design effectively delivered The Audo’s message. ‘This was once a trading post for fishing,’ he mused at the opening. ‘The modernised concept for this space hasn’t deviated from that. We are not pulling up in boats, not crating fish, but we are trading ideas, designs and sparking conversation in this space.’

與 Norm Architects 合作,1918 年的建築 - 原本是船庫及住宅 - 經過了簡約的改造。混凝土地板和牆壁作粉飾,並使用溫暖的黃銅裝飾來提升工業味道。與此同時,Kinfolk 創意總監 Nathan Williams 共同參與,以確保設計有效地傳遞 The Audo 的信息。他說這裡曾經是海產交易站,這個空間的現代化概念並沒有改變。我們不再拉船來,也不再裝魚,但我們在這個空間裡交換想法、設計概念和對談」

▲ MENU’s materials library 物料庫, featuring Tearoom  Lounge Chair 休閒椅, Plinth Podium Cubic 雲石角几, Echasse Vase, Medium 花瓶 | 混合概念店

▲ The Audo entrance 大堂入口, Offset Sofa 沙發, Tearoom Club Chair 椅子, Plinth Podium Low 雲石茶几, Column Portable LED Lamp 充電式台燈, Peek Floor Lamp 地燈Echasse Vase,Large 花瓶

On the top floor, the Audo Residence is a 10-room hotel that offers understated and intimate loft-style retreats. Each room is uniquely configured - all of the spaces feature beds by Dux, chalky-finished walls by St. Leo, and Dinesen flooring underfoot.

頂層是 Audo Residence,一間擁有 10 間客房的精品酒店,提供低調而溫馨的閣樓式度假場所。每間客房均擁有獨特的配置 - 所有空間均配有 Dux 床鋪,St. Leo 牆身和Dinesen 地板

▲ Inside a suite at The Audo Residence 其中一間套房, Tearoom Sofa 沙發, Tearoom Lounge Chair 休閒椅, Androgyne Table 角几, Plinth Podium 雲石茶几

Offset Sofa 沙發, Plinth Podium 雲石茶几, Column Portable LED Lamp 充電式台燈

TR Table Lamp 台燈, Plinth Side Table 雲石角几

Harbour Chair in Darkar Leather 皮革椅子, JWDA Table Lamp 台燈, Plinth Side Table 雲石床頭几, Bank Pendant 吊燈

▲ Café area, Harbour Column Table in Marble 白色大理石餐台, Harbour Side Chair in Black Leather 皮革餐椅, Walker Wall/Ceiling Lamp 壁燈

▲ Bathroom 客房浴室, Cast Sconce Wall Lamp 壁燈, Norm Wall Mirror 鏡子

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