The Copenhagen home of MENU Director

Joachim Engell-Hansen is the third generation in the family business MENU. He is the design and brand manager of the company that his grandfather started in the 70s. | Joachim Engell-Hansen 是家族企業 MENU 的第三代掌舵人,他現正在其祖父於 70 年代創立的公司出任設計及品牌經理

When Danielle decorated Menu's showroom, she chose a stone slab in red for the bar counter and the small coffee tables. Joachim loved the warm feeling in the stone slab and ordered one that he put on the table at home in the dining room.  | 當 Danielle 為 MENU 陳列室裝修時,她選擇了一塊紅色的石板作為吧台和小咖啡桌。Joachim 喜歡石板帶出的溫暖感覺,因而選了這款桌子

Snaregade Table, Co Chair and Tribeca Chamber Lamp, all from MENU

Arranging the few selected details in the home is one of Joachim's passions. His goal is to make the minimalist feel homely. | Joachim 熱愛在家中安排一些特選細節,他的目標是讓簡約主義同樣感到溫馨

Zet Shelf, Antipode Candleholder, Cyclades Vase, all from MENU

The home is filled with furniture from the family businesses. | 家裡放滿了家庭經營公司的家具

Eave Modular Sofa and Plinth Pedestal, both from MENU

Scottish designer Nick Ross, who now lives in Stockholm, has designed Tearoom Club Chair, a homage to the compatriot Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Willow Chair. Now it is at home at Joachim and Cecilia. | 現居於斯德哥爾摩的蘇格蘭設計師 Nick Ross 設計了 Tearoom Club Chair,是向 Charles Rennie Mackintosh 的 Willow Chair致敬作品。 現在它在於 Joachim 及 Cecilia 的家裡

In the living room there is a small work corner - much needed if you go to business school two evenings a week while having a company to run and a small baby at home. | 在起居室裡有一個小型工作區 - 如果你每週有兩個晚上到商學院上課,同時經營一家公司,而在家裡有一個小寶寶,那是非常需要

Harbour Chair, with swivel base

The architect Danielle Siggerud designed the café in MENU's showroom. The collaboration led to her designing her first piece of furniture in production, the Androgyne Side Table, with
Échasse Vase by Theresa Arns | 建築師 Danielle Siggerud 設計 MENU 陳列室中的咖啡館。此合作讓她設計了她的第一件生產家具Androgyne Side Table,以及 Theresa Arns 的 Échasse Vase

The bedrooms are a quiet oasis. Next to the window with Pepe Mirror, JWDA Table lamp - marble, both from MENU | 臥室是一個安靜的綠洲,邊是 Pepe Mirror, JWDA Table lamp - marble, 均來自MENU

Text Michelle Meadows
Photo Erik Lefvander

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