The World of Pythagoras

Pythagoras comes in all kinds of colors and shapes. For example, Pythagoras XS is for the playful person, Pythagoras Drawer is more for the orderly and "regular" Pythagoras is for the person wanting to show off their favorite decorations.

Pythagoras 系列有各種顏色和形狀。例如 Pythagoras xs 是玩味十足, Pythagoras 抽屜適合喜愛有秩序的人, 而「常規版本」的 Pythagoras 是為想展示他們最喜歡的裝飾

Made in Sweden

Either you buy Pythagoras as a single shelf or you build a complete shelving system. The opportunities are endless.
即使是單獨一個架子 或者是整套完整的系統,是無盡的可能性

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