Thank you for purchasing at House For Goodies Limited (hereinafter referred to as Company) online store.
多謝惠顧 House For Goodies Limited (以下稱為 “本公司”) 網上購物服務

送貨條款 Delivery Terms

・Free delivery applicable in Hong Kong only, except Tung Chung, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and outlying islands.

・Our delivery hotline is (852) 2147 1381 and office hour from 12-7pm, Monday to Friday. Service would be suspended without prior notice due to typhoon, heavy rain storm, other accidents, etc.
・本公司熱線 (852) 2147 1381,辦工時間星期一至星期六下午十二時至七時,星期六、日及公眾假期休息。若遇上惡劣天氣、颱風、黑雨、交通、地區或其他意外,而暫停或延期,送貨服務將會另行通知或安排

・The company will call customers 1-2 days before delivery to confirm the delivery date and time for bulky items. If the company cannot reach the customer before 6pm one working prior to delivery. The delivery will be arranged on another day.
・有關大型傢私送貨本公司會在送貨前 1-2 個工作天致電顧客確定時間,若在送貨前一個工作天下午六時前未能聯絡顧客,送貨日期將安排下一輪送貨日

・The Company shall not be liable for any delivery service which is not directly accessed by trucks or in outlying islands, or deliver via balconies or any conditions of the building that has obstructed the delivery. For delivery location which requires our workers to walk up by steps, we shall have a service charge per item per storey, the charges can be inquired from salesperson. Extra transportation cost will be charged for Lantau Island area / container terminal / airport.
・貨車未能直達之地點 : 如離島、貨物須經露台吊入屋內或該地點之環境情況不容許運送貨品,本公司恕不負責送貨服務。如送貨須上落樓梯級,本公司將收取上落樓梯費,有關上落樓梯費,請與顧客服務員聯絡。如送往大嶼山區 / 貨櫃碼頭 / 機場地區,需付額外送貨費

・Customers should evaluate the sizes of the lift, the door of their delivery location and any otherobstacle(s) on the pathway. Otherwise, the company will not be liable if the ordered items are unable to deliver due to any obstacle(s). Make note of your new furniture's largest dimensions (which will often be the diagonal) and check that it will fit comfortably into the lift and through the doorway or hallway and up your stairs.

・The Company will not liable for second delivery for free. Surcharge will be required for second delivery requested / needed on another day after first delivery in any reasons.
・本公司將不負責第二次免費送貨服務,顧客因任何原因在約定時間未能收貨而要求 / 需要第二次送貨,則須另付額外送貨費用

・Customer has responsibility to check clearly the parts and the glass (if any). No replacement will be accepted after checking and signing on the delivery note.
・顧客必須於簽收貨品前,清楚檢查貨品與訂購的型號、顏色、配件數量正確、貨品、玻璃(如有) 及包裝完整無損,然後在送貨單上簽名作實, 本公司將不會接受顧客在之後提出的任何後補或更換處理

・The Company reserves the right of final decision and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.