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Brass Brushed
  • Design by Arash Nourinejad, Danish Hand-made

    DIVAR blends sleek design & flexibility. The angle of light can be adjusted & along with the internal DALI Dimmer, this makes the lamp able to suit your personal style of lighting.

    DIVAR is available in copper & brass. ANOUR lamps are individually surface treated, resulting in a finely structured surface. Three unique surface treatments are available to suit your personal preference. And DIVAR is the only lamp comes in walnut, oak

    // The lamp is hand-made and produced in Denmark by the last surviving traditional braziers.

    // All lamps are available with Touch Dimmer.

    A brazier is a craftsman working in traditional fashion with brass, copper and bronze. ANOUR lamps, manufactured by the most skilled craftsmen, follow the long established tradition of using only these masters trained in the old skills of working metal by hand.

    ANOUR’s dedication to the profession is what makes ANOUR stand out.

    Hand-finished products will always have some small markings. This is a signature of hand-made product. The finger marks and stains are a part of the design. Copper and Brass oxidize naturally, please allow the color will change over time.

    House for Goodies is an Authorized Dealer for the ANOUR. All products are licensed, designed and hand-made in Denmark. Give us a call at +852 2147 1381 for enquiry or to place order by phone.

    * Walnut 50cm, 100cm & Oak 50cm are in Stock NOW!!


    ANOUR LED’s are made to specification, to the highest standards within colour rendering, with the lowest energy consumption and using only the finest quality components.

    The LED chips with certified technology have been selected to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Following our philosophy, ANOUR lamps have been designed to incorporate the latest technology to facilitate easy of maintenance.

    LED lamps meet the latest stringent light regulations and to provide many benefits such as energy efficiency, low-voltage use and extended lifespan.


    SIZE : L50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300cm
    WEIGHT : 1.2 - 6.2 kg
    CORD : 2.4 m Braided Cord
    LIGHT SOURCE : 240V Illumination LED
    WATTAGE : 10 - 60 Watts
    LUMENS : 600 - 4190 Lumens

  • Design by Arash Nourinejad, Danish Hand-made

    DIVAR 融合了時尚設計和靈活性。燈光的角度,亮度可以與內部 DALI 調光器一起調節,這使 DIVAR 能夠應用於您個人的照明風格

    DIVAR 有紅銅,黃銅等獨特處理方法,以滿足您的個人喜好。而 DIVAR 是唯一一支可用上木材,包括胡桃木,橡木

    // 所有 ANOUR 燈飾均於丹麥 哥本哈根 製作,由碩果僅存的工匠以人手打造

    // 此燈配觸摸式調光器

    丹麥當地之工匠以傳統的火爐及技術,把所有的 ANOUR 產品提升到最高層次,僅使用手工打造的金屬原料,以反映精湛的工藝和質量

    他們都是工藝技術訓練出來的大師,令 ANOUR 脫穎而出

    所有燈具均以人手打造,產品將可能有一些紋理,是此品牌簽名式的風格,亦是設計一部分。 請容許紅銅或黃銅會自然氧化,顏色將隨時間變化

    House for Goodies 是 ANOUR 的香港授權經銷商,所有產品均在丹麥授權,設計和生產。 歡迎致電 +852 2147 1381 查詢存貨或透過電話下單

    * 胡桃木 (100cm, 50cm) 及 橡木 (50cm) 有現貨!!

  • LED 燈

    ANOUR LED 是自家規格設計,光源顏色達到最高標準,能源效益最高和只用最好品質的零件

    LED 芯片已被認證,能確保達到最長使用壽命。ANOUR 燈具採用了最新的技術,以促使維持最長壽命,維持我們的理念

    LED 燈芯符合嚴格光學限制規例,並提供了許多好處,例如能效,低電壓用途和廷長壽命


    尺寸 : 長 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 /250 /300 厘米
    重量 : 1.2 - 6.2 公斤
    電線 : 2.4 米編織電線
    光源 : 240V LED 照明
    功率:20 - 60 瓦
    流明:600 - 4190 流明

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  • For any assistance (in store or online), our Customer Care team is on hand to help you. Contact the team by e-mail at hello@houseforgoodies.com
    or call: +852 2147 1381

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    For any assistance (in store or online), our Customer Care team is on hand to help you. Contact the team by e-mail at hello@houseforgoodies.com
    or call: +852 2147 1381

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    Hong Kong / Macau

    Furniture & Lighting (10kg up)

    SF Express *

    Home Accessories

    SF Express / Hong Kong Post Registered Mail

    * Please note the door to door delivery service for furniture & Lighting does not include stair climbing. It is involves extra charges for stair climbing. Please state in the delivery address.

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    All orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. We will send out the in-stock items within 2 working days. As for per-order items, the order confirmation will directly send to our supplier overseas, which cannot be revised.

    2. What if i get a defective/incorrect item?

    All items undergo comprehensive quality control and are checked for faults and damage before they are sent to customers. Should you receive an item that is not in perfect condition, we will be happy to replace your product at no cost. Please contact us at hello@houseforgoodies.com within 2 days of receipt, stating the problem and attach relevant photos if possible.

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