VIP Floor Lamp


Designed by Jørgen Gammelgaard
Year of Design Origin : 1983
設計年份 : 1983

The VIP lamps by professor and architect Jørgen Gammelgaard are highly recognized design icons. One of the basic ideas of the VIP lamps is the unique, multi-adjustable shade giving the same lamp several identities and ways it can be used. The lamps in the VIP range are used in private homes as well as in exclusive hotels and conference centres in a number of countries.

The Floor VIP is both a beautiful design and indeed “multi-adjustable”. In addition to the special VIP shade – which can be turned 360 degrees – it can be adjusted in both height and sidewards enabling everyone to get a real perfect reading light.

身兼教授及建築師 Jørgen Gammelgaard 所設計的 VIP 系列燈飾是公認的設計標誌。 VIP 系列的基本構思之一是獨特的多重調節燈罩,為同一燈源提供了幾種身份和使用方式。VIP 系列適用於私人住宅以及許多國家的專用酒店和會議中心

VIP Floor 地燈既美觀又實用 - 多角度調節。除了可以 360 度旋轉的燈罩外,它還可以調整高度及旋轉,為每個人提供完美的閱讀燈


Country of Origin 原產地 :
Handmade in Denmark 丹麥人手製造

Color 顏色 :
Black 黑色 / White 白色

Material 材料 :
Wet painted aluminium shade, Stand
鋁製噴漆燈罩, 支架

Solid Steel Base

Brushed Stainless Steel


Dimensions 尺寸 :
Dia 35 x H100-135 cm

Light Source 燈源 :
1 x E27 Max. 100 W standard incandescent bulb or similar size LED bulb 
Not included 不包括

Cord 電線長度 :
270 cm

Weight 重量 :
7.3 kg

House for Goodies is an Authorized Dealer for the Pandul. All products are licensed, designed and produced in Denmark. Give us a call at +852 2147 1381 for enquiry or to place order by phone.

House for Goodies 是 Pandul 的香港授權經銷商,所有產品均在丹麥授權,設計及生產。 歡迎致電 +852 2147 1381 查詢存貨或透過電話下單

Jørgen Gammelgaard (1938-1991)
Jørgen Gammelgaard belonged to a generation of skillful furniture designers who all learned their craft in the time-honoured Danish apprenticeship tradition. Following his apprenticeship Gammelgaard studied with Grete Jalk, and then became a student at the Danish Royal Academy’s furniture school, working under Poul Kjærholm and Ole Wanscher. Gammelgaard later worked in the design studios of Arne Jacobsen, Mogens Koch, Steen Eiler Rasmussen and Jørgen Bo. During this period he also did consultancy work for the UN on Samoa, where he designed his famous Tip Top lampshade. Jørgen Gammelgaard was – as the youngest ever – appointed Professor of furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – following well known and respected predecessors as e.g. Poul Kjaerholm and Ole Wanscher.

Jørgen Gammelgaard 是一代技藝精湛的家具設計師,他們都是在由歷史悠久的傳統丹麥學徒中學習。學徒期間,Gammelgaard 與 Grete Jalk 一起學習,然後成為丹麥皇家學院家具學校的學生,在 Poul Kjærholm 和 Ole Wanscher 的指導下工作。 Gammelgaard 後來在 Arne Jacobsen、Mogens Koch、Steen Eiler Rasmussen 和Jørgen Bo 的設計工作室工作。 在此期間,他還為聯合國出任諮詢工作,在那裡他設計了著名的 Tip Top 燈罩。 Jørgen Gammelgaard 是 - 丹麥皇家美術學院最年輕的家具設計教授 - 與眾所周知和受人尊敬的前輩,如 Poul Kjaerholm 和 Ole Wanscher 看齊

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To minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, our Tsim Sha Tsui showroom is temperately closed until further notices. Meanwhile, we are fully operational. Our warehouse is open, and we are well stocked with products from all of our brands. Customer service and product distribution remain available.  

1. Where is your physical store?

At the beginning of pandemic, we decided to temperately close our Tsim Sha Tsui shop. Our colleagues are working from home since then. Meanwhile, we are fully operational. Our warehouse is as usual, and we are well stocked with products from all of our brands. Customer service and product distribution remain available.


Tel 電話     : +852 2147 1381
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Live chat   : Available 12–7pm Monday to Saturday ; click on the Whatsapp bubble in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Registered Company Details
House for Goodies Ltd
Room 2531, Hoi Tai Factory Estate, Tuen Mun

Registered no. 66027581-000

Our sales team are available 12–7pm, Monday to Saturday.

2. Is the warehouse open to public?

Yes and No. Our warehouse is NOT opened to public. But if you intend to check out our stock in person, we are happy to arrange a special appointment. 

For any assistance, our Customer Care team is on hand to help you. Contact the team by e-mail at or call us at +852 2147 1381

Yes and No。屯門的貨倉是不對外開放。但若你想親身看到實物,我們很樂意安排一個特別時段

如有任何查詢,歡迎電郵到 或致電 +852 2147 1381 與我們的客戶服務聯絡。

3. Will you re-open the physical shop?

We are planing. But who knows?

4. Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You don’t need an account to place an order, but there are many benefits to doing so :
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* 自動使用以往交易資料,使結賬更方便快捷

* Items in your SHOPPING BAG will be saved for your next visit, from any device
* 在不同電子裝置亦可查閱你儲存在購物車內的貨品

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* 方便查閱你過往所有訂單紀錄

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6. Can I place order over the phone?


Yes. Simply call our Customer Care team on the following numbers : +852 2147 1381.
可以。只需要致電 +852 2147 1381 聯絡我們的客戶服務為你處理

At the moment, we accept the following payment methods :
現時我們接受以下付款途徑 :


7. Is my order successful?


You will receive an Order Confirmation Email shortly after placing an order successfully. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at


8. Can I change my order information after submission?

If you would like to make any change to an order you have placed, please contact us as soon as possible at , with your Order Confirmation Email. Please note that once your order status has changed to “SHIPPED”, we will not be able to change your order.

如你希望在成功訂購後更改訂單資訊,請預備你的訂單確認電郵,盡快電郵我們為你處理。但如果你的訂單已經備註為「SHIPPED」 即已發送,我們將不能更改訂單任何資訊

9. When will my order be shipped?


Your order will be shipped within 2 business days, subject to the in stock items. 

10. How can I track my order?

Soon after your order is dispatched, we will send you a Shipment Confirmation Email with the information of the courier used and the tracking number of your order in it.


11. Which courier do you use?


We offer flexible delivery method, depending the cases. Here are the common option for delivery.

For Hong Kong / Macau   

Furniture & Lighting (10kg up)  | by SF Express*

Home Accessories | by SF Express / Hong Kong Post Registered Mail

* Please note the door to door delivery service for furniture & Lighting does not include stair climbing. If it is involves extra charges for stair climbing, please state in the delivery address.

 - Delivery Terms

香港 / 澳門
傢具及燈飾 (10公斤以上) | 順豐快遞 *
家居飾品 | 順豐快遞 / 香港郵政

* 請注意 傢具及燈飾送貨上門的服務並不包括搬樓梯。如要上樓梯需額外付費,請在送貨地址上註明 - 送貨條款

For international order, there are many options for international shipping method during checkout.

12. Does Assembly service included?

Our products are designed to be assembled by you. You'll save the most money. However, we've teamed up with some professional handymen, they are able to help with an additional cost. 


13. How long will my order take to arrive?

Here is the list of delivery time for different area zones and by different couriers :


Hong Kong approx. 2 business days

* Remote or outlying areas may take longer 

* 偏遠地區及離島會需要更長的時間

* Your order may be delayed due to factors outside of our control (customs clearance procedures, long holidays, extreme weather.)

* 你的貨品有機會因我們不能控制的外在因素而延遲 (如海關程序,長假期,極端天氣等等)

For international order, there are many options for international shipping method during checkout. The shipping lead time for your order depends on the destination, as well as on the order value. Please find all the shipping information for your country during checkout.


14. Made to order items has been delayed?


Due to delivery restrictions in European countries caused by the current outbreak of the Corona virus, some of the made to order items might have an extended production lead time. We are trying our best to minimize the lead time during this unusual moment, unfortunately we are not liable for any variations from the quoted lead time due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the control. Always ask our specialists for an accurate lead time. 

15. Do I need to sign to receive my order?


Yes. All orders must be signed for at the time of delivery. In doing so, you accept the responsibility for the order from that moment on.

If the recipient is not the original purchaser, such as in the case of a gift delivery, then the recipient’s signature will be accepted by House for Goodies Limited as evidence of delivery and fulfillment of your order.


16. Do I have to pay taxes and duties for International order? 


Import tax and duties may be applicable, depending on the destination country. You are responsible for all import tax and duties. 


The courier or your local post office will contact you with further details for customs clearance. Please note that customs clearance procedures may delay the delivery time. Please contact us for shipment details at
派遞公司或是當地郵局會聯絡你關於稅項的問題。請注意海關有機會影響到貨物送抵時間。如有任何查詢歡迎電郵到 與我們的客戶服務聯絡

17. Can I return my item and get a refund? 


All orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. We will send out the in-stock items within 2 working days. As for per-order items, the order confirmation will directly send to our supplier overseas, which cannot be revised.

所有的訂單均 不能退貨 或 退款。我們會在 2 個工作天內發送存貨產品。預訂的貨品將會直接到我們的品牌供應商訂購,這是不能更改的

18. What if I get a defective/incorrect item?
      如果我收到損壞/ 錯誤的貨品怎麼辦

All items undergo comprehensive quality control and are checked for faults and damage before they are sent to customers. Should you receive an item that is not in perfect condition, we will be happy to replace your product at no cost. Please contact us at 
within 24 hours of receipt, stating the problem and attach relevant photos if possible
所有貨品在送出前,我們都會細心檢查有沒有損壞及錯誤。如果你在收貨後發現貨品有品質問題,請在 24 小時內電郵貨品相片到 ,我們樂意為你更換貨品

19. Will the warranty be included?


The warranty eligibility will be subject to the relevant vendor or supplier’s policy. We will do our best to support and provide recommendations. Please contact us at for further information.

保養期將會因應各品牌的政策,當然我們會提供最合適的貨品保養方法及支援。如有更多的查詢請電郵致 與我們的客戶服務聯絡

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